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A very warm welcome to our newest feature, initially we had the "Nice Set Up" pages reserved for your cars, this went down a treat so it was a no brainer to extend that to your bikes. Here's the first round of many! Thanks for sending your bikes in, as you can imagine we've had a fair few and we're sifting through them all as we speak. Round 2 coming up soon. If you want your bike featured, hit us up via a Facebook message with the relevant photos and details.

[part title='Dom Handley - Cult Butter']

Name: Dom Handley

Where are you from: Manchester, UK

Favourite bike company: Cult and Shadow

Bike Spec:

Frame: Cult Butter

Forks: Cult Sect

Bars: Cult Butter

Stem: Cult

Headset: Cult

Grips: Cult X Vans

Brakes: None

Rims: Cult

Hubs: Shadow Raptor

Tyres: Cult

Seat and post: Cult Dehart

Cranks: Cult

Sprocket: Cult

Chain: Shadow Half Link

Pedals: Cult

Pegs: Cult

Modifications: Cut down bars to throw barspins faster...

[part title='Jake Soden - Fit WIFI']

Name: Jake Soden

Where are you from: Oxford, UK

Favourite bike company: Fit


Frame: Fit WIFI

Forks: Fit Blade 2

Bars: Fit Mac


Headset: United

Grips: Proper team

Brakes: None

Rims: Front Alienation Skylark, rear DK Orbit

Hubs: Profile Mini front and rear

Tyres: Demolition Momentum 2.35

Seat and post: United Beacon, Federal

Cranks: Primo Hollowbite

Sprocket: United

Chain: Gusset Tank

Pedals: Fly

Pegs: Verde

Modifications: None

[part title='Darren Thompson - S&M Randy Brown V2']

Name: Darren Thompson


Frame: S&M 21" Randy brown V2

Forks: S&M Pitchfork XLT

Bars: S&M Grand Slam XLT

Stem: Odyssey Link

Headset: Odyssey

Grips: Odi Longnecks

Brakes: None

Rims: G-Sport Birdcage

Hubs: Profile

Tyres: Fit FAF Kevlar

Seat and post: ?

Cranks: Profile Race 175mm ti axel

Sprocket: Odyssey 28T

Chain: Shadow Half Link V2

Pedals: Nukeproof Mags

Pegs: None

Modifications: None

[part title='Ethan Rowntree - Federal Bruno']

Name: Ethan Rowntree

Where are you from: Derby, UK

Favourite bike company: Federal


Frame: Federal Bruno

Forks: Amity RD

Bars: S&M Mike Hoder

Stem: United

Headset: ?

Grips: Vans Waffle

Brakes: None

Rims: Alienation

Hubs: Profile Mini front and rear

Tyres: DUO Stunners

Seat and post: Shadow

Cranks: United

Sprocket: Premium Ripsaw

Chain: Gusset Tank

Pedals: Haro

Pegs: ?

Modifications: None

[part title='George Crerar - Amity Russo']

Name: George Crerar

Where are you from: Newcastle, UK

Favourite bike company: Eclat


Frame: Amity Russo

Forks: McNeil Blazers

Bars: United Grande

Stem: Amber BMX

Headset: BSD

Grips: Odi

Brakes: None

Rims: Alienation Delinquent front and rear

Hubs: Demolition

Tyres: Fit FAF

Seat and post: United Beacon Mid

Cranks: Odyssey Twombolts

Sprocket: Demolition

Chain: YMC Half Link

Pedals: ?

Pegs: Some metal ones!

Modifications: None

[part title='Jordan Henry - United Mothership V2']

Name: Jordan Henry

Where are you from: Arbroath, Scotland

Favourite bike company: Metal Bikes


Frame: United Mothership V2

Forks: BSD Ghetto V3

Bars: Odyssey Lumberjack

Stem: S&M Enduro

Headset: Fly

Grips: Cult X Vans

Brakes: None

Rims: Primo Balance 7007 front and rear

Hubs: Primo Remix front, Profile Mini rear

Tyres: Fit FAF

Seat and post: BSD Wing Thing, United

Cranks: Shadow Noctis

Sprocket: T-1 Logan Runs 25T

Chain: Shadow Interlock V2

Pedals: Fly Ruben

Pegs: Mongoose or Haro or something!

Modifications: None

[part title='Kieran Thomson - Mutiny Cosmotron']

Name: Kieran Thomson

Where are you from: Stafford, UK

Favourite bike company: Cult


Frame: Mutiny Cosmotron 20.8

Forks: Odyssey Race

Bars: Mutiny Glams

Stem: ?

Headset: Alone

Grips: Odyssey Terry Adams

Brakes: None

Rims: ?

Hubs: Sunlite on the front, Odyssey Hazard V2 rear

Tyres: Animal GLH on the front, Shadow Undertaker rear

Seat and post: Federal Mid, integrated post

Cranks: Salt

Sprocket: 24 Seven

Chain: Cult

Pedals: Cult PC

Pegs: X4 Animal Butcher

Modifications: None

[part title='Les Broadbent - McNeil Whitton']

Name: Les Broadbent

Where are you from: Leeds, UK

Favourite bike company: Premium


Frame: McNeil Whitton

Forks: Primo Kamikaze

Bars: Premium Whisky Bars

Stem: Premium

Headset: Premium

Grips: T-1

Brakes: Eclat lever, Shadow cable, Dia-Compe callipers

Rims: Sun Rhino Lites

Hubs: Seventies

Tyres: ?

Seat and post: Premium seat, Blank post

Cranks: Premium 1948

Sprocket: Animal Sprocky Balboa

Chain: Shadow

Pedals: Premium

Pegs: None

Modifications: Trimmed axles and post

[part title='Liam Murphy - United Beacon']

Name: Liam Murphy

Where are you from: Isle of Man

Favourite bike company: Cult


Frame: United Beacon 20.85

Forks: Salt Plus

Bars: Stereo 9"

Stem: Superstar

Headset: Animal

Grips: Cult X Vans

Brakes: None

Rims: Colony

Hubs: Federal Freecoaster V2, Colony front

Tyres: Fit FAF rear, DUO Stunner front both 2.25

Seat and post: Mankind, United

Cranks: BSD Substance 165mm

Sprocket: Primo 28T

Chain: ?

Pedals: Cult PC

Pegs: DK

Modifications: None

[part title='Luke Stanley - Cult DAK']

Name: Luke Stanley

Where are you from: Barton-Upon-Humber, UK

Favourite bike company: ?


Frame: Cult Dak 21.1"

Forks: Federal Liquid

Bars: Federal Bruno

Stem: Primo Annihlator

Headset: Primo

Grips: Cult X Vans

Brakes: Size 12 Vans

Rims: Cinema 777AR

Hubs: Fatality

Tyres: Cult Dehart

Seat and post: Fatality, Animal

Cranks: Cult OS

Sprocket: Mutiny 25T

Chain: KMC 710

Pedals: Cult PC

Pegs: Odyssey MPEGS

Modifications: None

[part title='Nigel "One Baller" Evans - United Voyage']

Name: Nigel "One Baller" Evans

Where are you from: Reading, UK

Favourite bike company: United


Frame: United Voyage 20.75

Forks: Amity Jesus

Bars: Proper TTXL

Stem: Banned

Headset: Vocal

Grips: Odi Stay Strong

Brakes: Size 12 Vans

Rims: Proper Microlite

Hubs: Proper Microlite

Tyres: Fit FAF 2.25 front, Animal GLH 2.10 rear

Seat and post: Joe-Tek

Cranks: United Value

Sprocket: Banned

Chain: Shadow Interlock V2

Pedals: Welgo Mags

Pegs: WTP Toxic (currently off the bike)

Modifications: Trimmed post and stretched grips

[part title='Oliver Carter-Strutt - Federal/Dub Chiller']

Name: Oliver Carter-Strutt

Where are you from: Manchester, UK

Favourite bike company: Dub BMX


Frame: Federal/Dub Chiller

Forks: Federal Drop

Bars: Animal Big Four

Stem: Fit

Headset: United

Grips: Odyssey Tommy D

Brakes: None

Rims: Cult

Hubs: Cult

Tyres: Fit FAF's

Seat and post: Shadow, BSD

Cranks: BSD Substance

Sprocket: Odyssey MD

Chain: DK EXO

Pedals: Odyssey JCPC

Pegs: Federal

Modifications: None

[part title='Reiss McGuire - BSD Raider']

Name: Reiss McGuire

Where are you from: Glasgow, Scotland

Favourite bike company: BSD


Frame: BSD Raider

Forks: BSD

Bars: BSD Highlander

Stem: BSD Top Load

Headset: Cult

Grips: Odi Stay Strong

Brakes: None

Rims: Odyssey Quadrant

Hubs: BSD

Tyres: Cult Dehart

Seat and post: Federal Fat, Kink

Cranks: Odyssey Thunderbolt

Sprocket: ?

Chain: Gusset Tank

Pedals: Cult PC

Pegs: None

Modifications: None

[part title='Tarl Raven - Fit Eddie V3']

Name: Tarl Raven

Where are you from: Cornwall, UK

Favourite bike company: BSD


Frame: Fit Eddie V3

Forks: Fit Blade Lite V2

Bars: Alone 8.75"/29"

Stem: Fit

Headset: Alone

Grips: Cult X Vans

Brakes: What are brakes?

Rims: Primo Balance

Hubs: Profile Mini's, Ti axles and driver

Tyres: Odyssey Aitken 2.35

Seat and post: BSD Rasta, Animal Wedge

Cranks: Primo Hollowbite, Ti axle and bolts

Sprocket: 28T Black Label

Chain: KMC

Pedals: Colony Fantastic Plastic

Pegs: None

Modifications: None

[part title='Zach Murphy - Total Hangover']

Name: Zach Murphy


Frame: Total Hangover 21"

Forks: Amity Zenta

Bars: Amity RD

Stem: Xposure Clutch

Headset: Superstar

Grips: Cult X Vans

Brakes: None

Rims: Primo 7 Series

Hubs: Profile Elite

Tyres: Fit FAF's

Seat and post: Alone Cushty, Alone

Cranks: DK Social

Sprocket: 28T Amber

Chain: Kool 747

Pedals: VP 59

Pegs: None

Modifications: None