Up and down the land, budding media moguls have put their efforts into typing a symbol and nine letters onto photos old and new in the hope of winning a dream-come-true prize of £500 and a load of camera gear from Joby.

Well, at last we can announce the winners. With BMX and MTB going headset-to-headset in a bike battle, it was always going to be a tough call and in the end, MTBers came out on top. Bad news for BMX but the judges called it. We had some amazing BMX entries but here's the winning entry from @fodmtb.


"You can't beat a milky way shot for wow-factor and the pensive silhouette of a rider reminded us of the solitude we've all felt on solo rides. A unique shot."

Paul (@fodmtb) said: "I'd been practicing a few times in the back garden but always wanted a decent night photo on the bike. I took it in the early hours to try and get the best sky with minimal light pollution. It didn't work perfectly but actually added to the effect and was delighted with the outcome. A bit scary in the woods though on me own though!"

Shortlist - BMX:


Ant Pearson nailed it with this one of his mate Kelvin Waterman. This photo got our attention for a few reasons – it’s a classic (and impressive) UK spot, typical UK weather, it’s easy to see what’s going on and that reflection works perfectly.


Gritty London street riding always speaks to us. Tom Edge, Dan Hartley and the Metal Pegs crew are always out nibbling crusty spots around the capital, and this shot by Tom of Dan gives the perfect vibe of a typical cold street session. Love it.


Joe Williams has the talent behind the camera and shot this pegs to hard 360 by Oscar Daeche. Sequence shots with flash can be tricky to get right, this one is decent!


Ewan Thacker managed a great thing here – he’s captured the feeling of riding a BMX. Simple, pure, inspiring. This speaks to us! Hayden Bennet just boosting out of a bank in the Barcelona sunshine – perfect.


Tom McConnell got married in a field with dirt jumps and then jumped his wife. How rad is that?! Phil Aller was on hand to capture the moment and we love it.

Shortlist - mtb:


It's not always easy and it's not always glamorous riding an mtb. Those second-degree fun moments are always worth it for the pub debrief later though.


It's all in the eyes with this one. Craig Evans' mid-run emotion captured at Hardline.


Good times with friends on bikes. We'll always take a pint full.


A lovely roost portrait that becomes even more impressive when you realise it was self-shot.