You've had a sneak peek of the cover. Now take a look inside! Issue 145 - featuring Ben Hennon on the cover will now be available in all good BMX stores, news agents and of course, our iPhone/iPad apps.

This month features the usual shenanigans with Levi Rogers, Kevin Kalkof and more. Weekender Jams include; Murray Jam, Vegas Rail Jam, Budget Jam, Rebel Jam and more! A Catch Up with Dakota Roche and a bike check with Cam Hardy.

Check out the featured articles below, and be sure to head out and go buy one!

Reaping The Rewards: Flying High Deep In The Woods

“…Everything happens fast. . . once you’re heading down that hill you’re strapped in and there’s no eject button…"

50-51-reapPROOFED copy

The Beginners Guide To Roadtrips: Team Notion Hit The Highway

“…Destination unknown, budget limited, cock in Monster Munch packet emptying bladder, and we’re only 13 miles out of town…"

54-55-notion trip proofed copy

Vacaciones De Verano: Let It Ride

“…Hennon's extreme wobble-cam style was capturing nothing but Matt's back tyre and some blue sky!…"

58-67-vanPROOFED copy

Trails Toil: Oakley National Trails Champs

“…Did Elton John write Gangsters Paradise…"

70-81-OakleyPROOFED copy

Wrong Side Of The Tracks: A Week On The Trains With Team Hoffman

“…Seth was watching the Jeremy Kyle show occasionally repeating key phrases like "be a man for the first time in your life" and predicting DNA test results..."


Pointless Reassurance: The Tom Davis Interview

“…Just before I do a trick I always ask Jack if he thinks I can do it…"

102-109-tomPROOFEDnew copy