The debauchery of the BMX lifestyle is covered pretty heavily in the BMX Media. Whether it's party photos online or in a written story printed in the magazine, there are references to alcohol everywhere. With drugs becoming more widely available, the amount of riders partaking is also increasing. Of course, life is a choice, you can do what you please but we often only ever cover one side of the story, the 'naughty' side.

So, to remain unbiased and open minded, we spoke to a few riders who live a healthy lifestyle and asked them to share their stories. First up is the UK''s Scott Buchanan, who many of you might know as Scott the Punk. Here is his story...



Stretched superman on home turf. Photo by Nathan Beddows

I had been smoking weed and getting drunk on and off from the age of 12 up to 17. In fact I stopped getting drunk just before my 18th birthday. Some of the times I had drinking or being stoned were fun but after a while it all got a bit monotonous for me, I didn’t enjoy the feeling of being drunk anymore and smoking weed was beginning to have an unpleasant effect on my mind. It wasn’t like I suddenly quit drinking one day, for me it was a gradual thing.


Combine that with a back injury that put me out of riding full time for a year. I was pissed off and getting back to full health never seemed so important to me. Not being able to ride for that length of time made me realise that your body is the most important tool you will ever be given. Be kind to it because when it doesn't work properly it can act like a cage.

In retrospect that injury was a big turning point for me. I love BMX and it was time for me to start taking care of myself to the best extent I could. I started weight lifting, quit drugs and stopped drinking carbonated drinks too. All the things I enjoy most in life can only be carried out if my body and mind are in working order so why would I choose to pollute it with shit I don’t need? Riding BMX for me is a hundred times more fun than any high I could get from a chemical source.

I got into weight lifting to help prevent injuries on my bike, lifting free weights not only builds the larger muscles in your body but also strengthens the smaller muscles that hold your joints together. I also couldn’t deny that being stronger can help if you do happen to get yourself in a fight.


Table hop.

Smoking affects your bones. When you smoke, you put yourself at risk of a condition that causes loss of bone mass. The name of the condition is osteoporosis. When bones lose mass they weaken, and weak bones break easily.

It seems British culture try’s to shove a certain way of life down our throats...go to work, watch TV, get pissed then repeat. Don’t think for yourself, don’t be creative, don’t have fun. Just knuckle down, make money, spend money, have kids, die.


Turndown high above the Terrible One ramp in Austin, Texas. Photo by Nick Hayday

I don’t drink or take drugs at this time in my life because it’s what I feel is best for me, 95% of my friends choose to drink or take drugs because they enjoy it, they don’t feel the need to advertise it or impose it on me and I think that’s just as important as not imposing my views on people not to take drugs. At the end of the day do what's right for you.

- Scott Buchanan


Scott having fun in Austin...


Table in the moonscape of Romford skatepark in Essex.