We posted this amazing image up on Facebook and Instagram the other week. It features a chap called Harry Walker unleashing a hammer blow to a would be bike thief in Newcastle.


RideUKBMX certainly does not condone violence, but we do condone the protection of ones self and property using reasonable force. Particularly when a thief is made to look like a duck.

This week we met up with '@Hazzathebastard' to get the lowdown on this impeccably timed photograph and square up a couple of riding shots too at 4 Motion Skatepark.

Harry portrait small

Harry, what's the crack about this fight and how did it all kick off?

Well, we were just smashing a day at Exi Park and chilling for a bit when two radgies walked into the park and started being cocky with a lot of BMXers and saying they were going to start taking bikes and shit! I thought nothing of it because there were a lot of riders there, then one of them who was on tag tried to pick up a bike and run. So my mate Andrew Murphy chased him caught him and then set to a fight with him, but while they were fighting the other radgie hit him on the So at this point, I started sprinting towards the fight with the whole park running towards them too, when I got there he squared up to me so I just swung one and that was that!

A skater named Michael Armstrong ran over with his camera got the picture, insane really! But no bikes got nicked and the radgie picked himself up and did one fast lol!

Harry turndown air small

What's your background mate, you told me you lived in Unit 23 for a bit and enjoyed it up there, how's that all come about?

We started to go up every now and then, and one time we asked to stay in the park and the message got sent around as we didn't know anybody at this time and we got told we could stay. Then after staying one night, we got to know everybody and after a while, I started to venture up by myself and stay for longer periods of time. Chick Mailey was the most sound guy ever, he let me stay and ride and do what I want, I then realised that this place was better than home, so me and Chaz Mailey got talking and he said I could live at the park, work at the park and he would help me out with anything I ever needed!! I then ended up with a massive room and a skatepark where a could do what the hell I wanted and making some of my best mates. Grant sorted me out with a long-man BSD frame, some parts and we went all over the place snowboarding, bmx trips, we did the lot! NO PARK IS RUN THE WAY UNIT 23 is fact!

Harry Tbogs small

Anyone you wanna say thanks to Harry?

Cheers to all the boys a Unit23, Chick Mailey and grant at BSD!!!!!!