It's Valentines Day and Friday, so we married them up to create a Randoms special. BMXers love many things! We've gathered a small selection for your days entertainment which I'm sure you can relate to...

Calling in sick


Calling out spots while watching a film


And it goes on. It's not so much that we love doing it, it's just what happens when a potential spot appears in a film. We have too call it out, to the annoyance of friends or family who are trying to enjoy the movie.

[part title="Hassle free spots"]

Hassle free spots

tom forster by joe bailey

Free air compressor at a petrol station


[part title="Busy girlfriend"]

Busy girlfriend


"ahh no, I really wanted to go to that National Trust too babes… hmm maybe I'll just go riding, shame!" RESULT..

Empty park