I don't even know where to start here...

One of the most annoyingly funny people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. The first time I met Fathead was last year at the Ride UK Reader Awards and I was told by Cleggy that Fathead knew I was going to be coming down and he would be on the look out for me. I was genuinely terrified.

I thoroughly expected Fathead to lay into me, but on the contrary he was quite a nice lad, we had a bit of a brief chat and he went on his way. I did hear that he had the whole bus in stitches on the journey home, ripping into the the bus driver for not starting the bus or something. Sounds about right!

Anyway, I thought this week would be as good a time as ever to do a kind-of Top 10 Fathead moments. Because why the hell not?!

Fathead Vs. The Cottingley Spine.

Well... I thought I'd kick things off with one of my personal favourites. And why not? Fathead was dragged out on a typical British day to film for our Skatepark Nightmare feature. Ahead of him were challenges sent in via YOU GUYS from t'interweb which Fathead had to then tackle. Hilarious stuff as it was absolutely soaking wet! Cleggy was having a whale of a time filming the whole thing also which made it even funnier. Enjoy!

Fathead's 1989 Nissan Micra.

This was shortly released after Cottingley Spine episode and we catch up with Fathead as he walks you through his sweet ride in a 'Pimp My Ride' style video. Harry Main move over, Fathead's 23 year old Nissan Micra stole the show on this day back in 2013.

What's Inside The Ankle Book?

Another brilliant video from Fathead in some freezing weather. Here's a brief synopsis: In this one Fathead gets told off for doing a toothy hanger on a rail by a pensioner in a high-rise flat, gets a wee bit cheeky, then hits some quality spots up and has a bit of banter with the lads. (No cheeky Nando's involved) - But what's inside the ankle book I hear you ask? Well let's find out...

FATHEAD Is Better Than You.

Possibly one of the most egotistical, self proclaimed titles of an edit there ever has been! To be honest... Yeah, we all know that he's got a big mouth. But he probably is better than you ;)

FATHEAD - Day in the life of ALEX33.

A personal favourite of mine, I remember when this first dropped. Couldn't stop fuckin laughing. Here's a quote from the original post; "There’s no real background to this, I guess Fathead was being an idiot via social media and then threats of violence were made towards him. But, he’s a lover not a fighter and will always find the best way to settle things without resorting to physical confrontation. It’s by being bloody hilarious on his BMX bike. #LOLWEED"

"I'm going to have to beat him up" BMX DAD - Terry Greengrass

Posted by Ifathead on Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Posted by Ifathead on Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Fathead – BMX DAD: Terry Greengrass.

Absolute F**King genius this one! Honestly, when I found out Fathead was working on and saw a bit of behind-the-scenes footage for this project I was literally counting the minutes until it was released. Fathead plays BMX DAD Terry Greengrass, ex convict and wants his son Kane to follow in the footsteps of the worlds biggest BMX stars such as Harry Main & Mike Spinner etc... Honestly, prepare yourself for this one!

Fathead For Teenage Cancer Trust.

From bad to good now as Fathead does something quite special in memory of Stephen Sutton for Teenage Cancer Trust as he goes shop to shop, collecting parts and finally building up the custom BSD Trailorpark which was listed on eBay and raised a considerable amount of money. Respect!

Chatting Bull: Fathead Vs. Kriss Kyle.

Possibly one of the most awkward/entertaining/cringey BMX interviews you'll ever watch. As the title says, "Kriss Kyle probably wishes that he'd never agreed to do this interview…"

Eccentric Adventures -The World Tin Bath Racing Championships.

Fathead's Eccentric Adventures was a series I thoroughly enjoyed. It was just hilarious to see how Alex (aka Fathead) dealt with the most peculiar of situations Mpora got him into. Thoroughly enjoyed this one, and the shin kicking one the most!

Fathead VS. Simple Session.

This is by far my favourite Fathead vid. Give the man a microphone, set him loose upon Simple Session crowd then watch the funny unfold. Watch as he annoys the public and conducts a few short, and rather unorthodox interviews with Pro's such as Garrett Reynolds, Dan Paley, Alex Kennedy, Pat Casey and more then heads off to ride a bit of street afterwards. Too funny!