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FRIDAY RANDOMS: Reasons Why you should buy a BMX and not a Hoverboard

Because hoverboards make you look a twat...

Well… I’ve been thinking about this whole Hoverboard craze that’s been sweeping the world recently, it seems that everyone is jumping on the Hoverboard bandwagon. Even seen a few celebrities at it too!

Lily Allen (Left) & Wiz Khalifa (Right)

It’s mental, I mean they aren’t even the ‘real deal’ – When I heard these things were available to the public I was picturing something like Marty McFly’s Hoverboard on Back To The Future. I was sorely disappointed when it turned out to be a smaller version of a Segway. There’s no contest though really, BMX is way better. (I’m sure you’ll all agree!) So I’ve put together a few reasons why you should buy a BMX for Christmas instead of one of these newfangled contraptions!


1. You can now only use them in your house.

So you’re tellin’ me that you can’t take ’em down your local park and attempt to drop in the highest quarter? Lame. It’s actually against the law to ride them in the street or road. So what’s the point?


2. They burn your house down.

These things ain’t safe either! Apparently there have been quite a few house fires linked to Hoverboards. Take a look at this article over on the BBC website stating that Trading Standards had to seize 15,000 unsafe hoverboards. BMX bikes don’t spontaneously combust, well unless you count a blow-out puncture as one!


3. They make you look like a dick.

Well these things are just basically a smaller Segway aren’t they? And most Segway users are dicks, or certainly look it when you see one in public. Sorry! (not sorry)

4. You’ve got legs that work… So pedal and get exercise!

Fitness is another point, if you become a lazy shite and ‘hover’ about on these things all day, every day then you’ll eventually begin to look a bit like the person above and possibly cause yourself a mischief! (lol) – Nah seriously though, why not just get a bike and get out there, enjoy the fresh air and pedal?! Yeah you might hurt yourself like the lady above but you’ll have WAY more fun doing it!


5. When did walking become too difficult?
I mean really though, I hate to go on… But what is wrong with just using your own two feet to get about? As mentioned above, riding a bike is a much better alternative!

6. They ruin athletes lives.

I’m sure we all may remember this incident involving a cameraman on a Segway filming Olympic Gold Medal winning athlete & World’s fastest man Usain Bolt. Such an epic fail… Didn’t quite ruin his life but made him look a right tit (and the cameraman too!)


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