My good friend and canon hoarder Sir William Evans of The West fired over this really cool article about vintage contraptions. With today being a Friday and this article being completely random we borrowed their content and rehashed it with a thick slice of so called humour. Thats journalism for ya….. Kind of! Have a great weekend.

Oldreive’s tricycle
Aerial Bicycle

Back in 1885 S. T. Hachenberger wanted to create this masterpiece. Bikes riding along telephone wires. It never got off the ground! Image: Three Lions/Getty Images

Bicycle Parachute Act
Pace Makers
Sean Burns’ Great Granddad?
The mother of all curved walls
Save your legs and put a sail on it
Diavolo dropping the ultimate loop
Mae Gordon’s moving pedestal.
Steering wheel instead of handlebars
Water bike contest from 1914
Big And Little Bikes
Rocket bike
Flying Bike
Santa's Plane
Rocker Bike
Streamlined Cycle