Here's the frames and parts we featured in issue 178 of the mag. If you're on the market for new produce read our reviews here and get a good idea of what's going down. Have your local store hit up the relevant dealers to stock specific products that may take your eye. Supplier links can be found under each review.

S&M Fids X Source

This really is glorious. S&M X Fids X Source collaboration frame. To all intents and purposes this is an ATF. Constructed in the USA from supertherm butted and tapered 4130 tubing. As part of the Source's 10 year anniversary they decided to team up with UK legend Fids on this beast. Super limited availability here and comes in the classic yellow or black. This is an S&M fans dream come true.
Top Tube: 20.5" . 20.75" . 21" . 21.25"
Chain Stay Length: 13.4"
Angles: 71 degree seatube, 75 degree head angle
Bottom Bracket: 11.7"
Weight: 4.7 lbs
Colours: Classic Fids Yellow, Black.
RRP: £399.99
[part title="S&M Fids X The Source"]

Federal Lacey V2

Literally as I write this Dan is swinging 2 cheques from the Dew tour, one for best trick and one for first place, both in street. So sick! Anyway, here's Dan signature frame from Federal. You all know the one because if you're not riding it yourself, you certainly know someone who is, it's that popular. The V2 is much the same, same high quality build same attention to detail. Naughty little front end coming in at 75.5 degree with a seat tube of 71 degree mens this thing is handling like a dream. We bagged a clear red colour for the products pages, it's also available in ED black but this one is winning all day. It looks so clean. Hit up the specs for more info.
Top Tube: 20.5" . 20.75" . 21"
Chain Stay Length: 13.75"
Angles: 71 degree seatube, 75.5 degree head angle
Bottom Bracket: 11.8"
Weight: 4.8 lbs
Colours: ED black, clear red.
RRP: £279.99
[part title="Federal lacey V2"]

United Voyage

Everyone has been drooling over this in the office. Rightly so, it looks so good in the trans orange! Geoff Slattery's Voyage signature frame from United is constructed from 100% seamless Japanese 4130 cromo and has top and down tube gussets along with thicker tubing at key stress points. It's a simple and solid frame designed specifically for Geoff to go crazy on, which invariably he does on a daily basis. This is also available in high gloss green and gloss black which again looks spot on.
Top Tube: 20.75" . 21" . 21.25" . 21.5"
Chain Stay Length: 13.75"
Angles: 71 degree seatube, 74.5 degree head angle
Bottom Bracket: 11.6"
Weight: 4.9 lbs
Colours: High gloss black, trans orange, high gloss green.
RRP: £269.99
[part title="United Voyage"]

Fiend Morrow

Ty Morrow has one of the biggest hops in the history of BMX. Here's the frame which enables this to happen, his signature Morrow from Fiend. Made from 4130 crmo and features a oval dent resistant down tube and chain stays. There's also a double gusset up front for that added strength. Ours came through in this ED black which is all good, however there is a hammered bronze finish available which looks ridiculously good.
Top Tube: 20.5" . 20.75" . 21" . 21.25"
Chain Stay Length: 13.71"
Angles: 71 degree seatube, 75 degree head angle
Bottom Bracket: 11.8"
Weight: 4.9 lbs
Colours: ED black, hammered bronze.
RRP: £309.99
[part title="Fiend Morrow"]

Fatality Rear Hub

This is a nice piece of work from Fatality. Switch drive system means you can run either RHD or LHD with ease. 14mm female axle, high quality sealed bearings, 9 tooth 4 pawl driver running on bushings and Fatality also offer a full range of spares too which is a tight little set up.
RRP: £95.00

Gusset Kamon pedal

These look a very executive pedal from the guys over at Gusset. CNC machined from a custom extrusion and featuring needle bearings and custom MAZ pins. Ideally suited to the trails and available in black, blue, red or this clean looking polished finish. RRP: £89.99

Odyessey Aitken grip

Really comfortable grips from Odyssey with Aitken's name all over them. Nice and long with a great design they're made from soft, durable kryaton and come with a sturdy nylon end plug. Also available in black. RRP: £8.99

Cult Butter peg w/sleeve

Cult's own plastic peg is hitting the shelves as we speak. Durable nylon composite sleeve wrapped around a low profile 4130 heat treated chromoly core. This peg is designed to move, quickly! They work a treat. Also in the bag is a spare outer sleeve to keep you grinding, for longer. RRP: £21.99

ODI Vans Lock on grip

ODI are new producing these super comfy Vans waffle lock on grips. Throttle grip is a thing of the past with the lock ons and married up with the classic waffle sole design these are a real tidy option. Available in a stack of good colours and even a check option too, can't beat it.
RRP: £21.99

Verde Regent sprocket 25t

Great value on this one from Verde. Forged and then CNC'd from 6061 aluminium this looks a durable piece of kit. Comes with 19mm and 22mm adapters and a range of colours. 25T only and weighs 59g. The price is something to shout about too, RRP: £29.99

Federal Revolution sprocket 25t

Federal put together the previous street and light sprockets to create the Revolution and it looks dope. Machined from 7075 aluminium and available in 25t and 28t. The spokes are recessed to save weight and make this thing look slick. RRP: £44.99

Fit Key Guard sprocket 25t

It's real good to see the sprocket guard make a come back. Here's the Key Guard from Fit. CNC'd in the USA from 7075 aluminium with Fit's new tooth profile for better engagement and longer life. Ideal for the crooks and crank arm grind this will protect your chain with ease.
RRP: £64.99

Odyssey SXTN Stem

Sean Sexton's signature top load stem from Odyssey. CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminium and has a top cap recess for a flush fit. 48mm reach and 33mm rise it weighs in at 295g. There's an oil slick version of this stem and it looks unreal, keep an eye out for that one!
RRP: £69.99

Salt Plus Delta top load stem

As per Salt Plus are coming through with affordable parts at great prices and this Delta top load stem is no different. Machined in all the right places from 6061-T6 aluminium with a 50mm reach it weighs in at a respectable 310g. Colour choice is good too with black, cyan, purple and titan. RRP: £39.99

The Set Fat Forks

These look real clean and today from The Set. 100% heat treated 4130 chromoly tubing. CNC machined 1 piece steerer tube. Integrated bearing race with butted and tapered 31.8mm legs. 31mm offset and weighing in at 1.96lbs. The raw looked seriously nice but they also come in black too. RRP: £124.99

Sunday Broadcaster bars

The Broadcaster Bars from Sunday are their tallest in the catalogue. Coming in at 8.9" high they're 28" wide and have 12 degree back sweep with 1 degree up. They have a post weld heat treating which is guaranteed against manufacturer's defects. Available in both black and chrome and weighing in at 2.1lbs. RRP: £64.99

United Rigal Bars

Here's the new signature bars from Christian Rigal and United. 100% seamless 4130 cromo construction, 100% post weld heat treated and larger dual radius bends. 8.75" rise, 30" wide with 10 degree back and 2.5 degree up sweep weighing in at 1.98lbs. Colour wise everything is matching up to Christian's signature parts on United, pearl black, gloss red and smoked chrome. RRP: £59.99