Whether you like it or not, if you're a BMXer you are different to "normal" people. You see things in a unique way, you approach things from a creative angle, yes you're special. But sometimes for the bad too, you're one of few creatures who'd happily walk out on a job/career/girlfriend if any get in the way of your riding life. We're probably the most selfish beings on the planet when it comes to riding, but hey.. what can ya do!!!

Here's five things BMXers do, which normal people don't!

1. The spot sense

When presented with a stunning building, monument or sculpture. BMXers do not sit back and admire it's intended beauty, first and foremost, what races through our minds is wether the spot is rideable, and what can be achieved on it. We explain in detail in this Friday Randoms from a couple of weeks back..

2. Have more creative ways to open a bottle of beer.

During my time on Earth, the one thing that I've always noticed about the BMXer, is we know how to open a bottle of beer when there's no official opener to hand. Every corner of the globe, the BMXer is the same in this situation. It's somehow subconsciously ingrained into our life skills. I remember being with a large group of ex work colleagues, non of whom rode. It took almost four minutes for one chap, of around 40 to remove the top off a bottle of Becks. He was prancing around like a lost dog asking for an opener before I offered my services, and cracked it on a work bench top. In complete contrast, we were out riding last week, large bottle of San Miguel appears, gentle pat of the pockets to clarify there's no hidden opener. A bike is on it's back, the front wheel gets a spin, and POP.. good to go.

3. Conduct traffic

It never ceases to amaze me how we get away with this one. Imagine your average guy walking down the street, then suddenly jumping into the road and stopping traffic for no apparent reason! Not happening... However for the BMXer, this is routine on any given street session. Your mate is looking to drop a rail hop and unfortunately the landing is slap bang in the middle of the road. No worries, just walk right out there, hand in the air doing the universal sign for stop "HOLD ON PAL" you shout. Traffic stops, and confused faces as a mini tailback occurs in both directions, your buddy fires into his landing with ease, loud cheers are followed by "ON YOUR WAY" as we do the universal wave for get going. Job done! In almost 20 years of this technique being executed, never once have I had an issue.

4. Magically avoid criminal charges

BMXers like to go against the grain. Thats the whole idea of what we do, we kind of do what we want when it pleases us and no one else. This bubble can potentially burst when confronted with authority. Be it security, the police or an average busy body looking for an argument. What they don't know though, a BMXer has an answer for everything, and I mean everything. Maybe it's because we get so much hassle, that we learn quickly how to handle ourselves in a confrontation. Or maybe, it's the type of character that gets into BMX? who knows, but I'd bet on the former. We have the skill set to make a security guard feel awkward about his wage packet, we can throw the rule book back at the Police with general ease and I've personally seen your average busybody brought to near tears when on the end of Fathead's wicked comebacks. But on the flip side, when authority is nice to us, we can be the most polite and well-mannered people they communicate with that day.


5. Have a bed for the night

Even though, on the whole, we can literally sleep anywhere with general comfort. A BMXer need never be without a bed! I often like to think that we could essentially hop on a plane to most countries, and be set up for the night thanks to a person you don't know, but who also happens to be a BMXer. It's like some unwritten rule! It's one of the greatest things about riding, that has never once changed and is highly unlikely to too. Photo by Ryan Fudger.