TerribleOne's Barcode has remained essentially unchanged for over 15 years. These days the Barcode appears unique on our BMX store shelves.

BMX frame design has pretty much stayed the same for the best part of twenty years. It begs the question, are brands doing enough to be different from one another? But then, and as far as I'm concerned, the classic double diamond set up we have now is perfect! we'd perhaps be changing it just to be different, rather than function. It was an interesting discussion on Facebook this week, here's what you had to say..

Who thinks we need to see more originality in BMX frames?

Antonio Sorrentino "Until someone comes up with a stronger, more efficient shape, the double diamond is here to stay." As we stated earlier, the classic design we have now is doing a near perfect job. Leo Coyle-Smith tends to agree "Frame technology has pretty much peaked with regards to shape. The current shape is used exclusively because its the best for the job. The differences between frames are fractions of angles, material choices and frame tube design (butting, thickness etc). These factors have little to no effect on the look."

Nothing looks better than a classic, no-nonsense frame

But Chanel Luc wants some meat on his bike "Frames with wishbones will always rule in my book. Frames are getting too weak. This over the top weight saving and sacrificing strength just for looks is bullshit. Nothing looks better than a classic, no-nonsense frame anyway."

Subrosa have not been shy about switching things up, their DTT frame has old school looks, with new school technology.

Fed Tom "BMX is too "designed by riders, for riders" and not enough "designed by someone who has a clue about designing things, for riders". Everyone wants a piece of this very small pie and we're left with the stale, crappy frame/parts selection we have now. A few companies are still trying, which is nice. I'll stick to my Solid Barcode for now."

We gave S&M veteran Alex Leech a shout on this, we always appreciate his input and he came through with a really interesting angle in reference to skateboard decks and how they're essentially all exactly the same!

The late 80s produced some funky bikes, for sure!

"30 years ago skateboard decks used to be all kinds of shapes. You'd buy a board more on the shape than anything else. Then it changed and became all about function and the board you got was because of the skater you liked, or the company you wanted to be seen on. As is often the way, BMX has followed that lead (even if it's unintentionally). The thing is, now skateboard decks are starting to have interesting shapes again. People WANT to have a different deck to the person next to them. They want to look down at their board and get excited about what they see, even if its as the expense of function. I'm pretty sure that BMX will go this way too. The frame you chose to ride has to do the job but you want to be stoked to look at it. You want to relate to it and for it to make you feel good. Although hopefully unusual frame design wont be quite to the extent that it has been in the past. The late 80s produced some funky bikes, for sure!"

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