Women's BMX has progressed a huge amount recently! Since the inclusion of a women's jam / demo in the past, the popularity and pure stokage has made the level of riding jump up a few notches.

This year, Vans BMX Pro Cup gave the women a proper competition. A full, year-round contest series, the same as the dudes. This is great for female BMX recognition – Vans are doing it right. The crowd, the riders, everyone was buzzing on the women's competition in Malaga at the Vans BMX Pro Cup this year.

Check out the video above and see some photos and results below.

  • Vans BMX Pro Cup Women's Results
  • 1. Perris Benegas
  • 2. Teresa Azcoaga
  • 3. Lara Lessmann
  • 4. Nina Buitrago
  • 5. Nikita Ducarroz
  • 6. Anahi Valentina
  • 7. Hannah Roberts
  • 8. Jesse Gregory
  • 9. Angie Marino
  • 10. Lotta Gruber

BEST TRICK – Perris Benegas with her huge toboggan transfer

Vans Press Release:

USA’s Perris Benegas revealed the day’s most powerful riding for the women’s division, ruling the course with speed and grace to claim her first Pro Cup podium win, while Spain’s front-runner Teresa Azcoaga turned up the heat in her last run to clench second place and the overall series championship title. Pro Cup newcomer Lara Lessman maintained her semi-finals momentum, surpassing the stacked field with advanced tricks and big airs to place third.

“I’m completely blown away, I can’t believe I won the world championship title,” Azcoaga gratefully expressed. “To go from only riding my local park one year ago, to winning the series is a dream.”