It was a big move by Vans when they announced the Vans BMX Pro Cup. A contest series, totally international, centred around concrete bowl riding. Based on the success of the annual Vans US Open event in Huntington Beach, California, the Vans BMX Pro Cup picks the purest elements of high octane BMX riding and takes them on tour to some of the world's best concrete bowls.

A heavy squad of riders are selected for the entire tour series, and the rest of the lineup is decided through regional qualifiers and accrued points from stops on the tour. Needless to say, it's a cracking lineup. Everyone you want to see ride a big gnarly concrete skatepark will be there, riding a big gnarly concrete skatepark. It's rad.

"The Vans BMX Pro Cup picks the purest elements of high octane BMX riding and takes them on tour to some of the world's best concrete bowls"

Now in its second year and stronger than ever, the Vans BMX Pro Cup 2018 Final is happening in Malaga, Spain THIS WEEKEND. Last year's event in Malaga was just a normal stop on the tour, but it was such an incredible weekend they decided it should host the final this year. That's a great idea from where we're standing!

2017 in Malaga was incredible. One of the best skateparks in the world being enjoyed by the best BMX riders in the world, including the man behind the masterpiece, Ruben Alcantara. Honestly, you couldn't beat the atmosphere. There was an incredible amount of talent in one place, spanning multiple eras of BMX, and a hell of a lot of respect in the air.

The level of riding last year was completely mind boggling. You can watch our event video HERE and see our photo gallery HERE for some idea... Madness.

Let's take a look at the 2018 Vans BMX Pro cup so far, and see what we can expect in the final this weekend.

Stop #1 – Sydney, Australia

The second annual Vans BMX Pro Cup series kicked off in Five Dock, Australia as 47 of the world's leading men and women BMX park terrain riders rallied for the series' first Pro Tour event of the season. Pushing the boundaries of what's possible on two wheels, 2017's Vans BMX Pro Cup World Champion Larry Edgar's speed defying runs granted him the Australia Pro Cup victory, taking first place for carrying out colossal trick combinations that awed the crowd at the historical Five Dock Skatepark.

"I’m stoked to be back, this event is such a good time," proclaims first place winner, Larry Edgar. "Riding with all my friends and watching everyone push the limits of their riding is so fun."

No stranger to the podium, second place charger Sergio Layos dominated the course with smooth style and powerful riding, while Brisbane local Alex Hiam put together technical runs that showcased a 360 pocket transfer from the teardrop to the quarterpipe to earn the Vans Best Line award and a proper third place finish.

The women's Pro Tour division showcased remarkable a competition as Spain's up-and-coming Teresa Azcoaga ruled the course with some of the biggest airs of the day to claim the women's Vans BMX Pro Cup first place title and the Vans Best Trick award with a no-hander over the spine. Tailing Azcoaga in second place with solid amplitude and unwavering bike control throughout the entire course was Arizona's Angie Marino, while New Zealand’s Ellie Chew’s back-to-back bowl transfers placed her third.

"This is the first BMX contest I’ve ever won," admits the Australia women's Pro Tour winner Azcoaga. "I’m at a loss of words, I didn’t know what to expect coming into this contest. I’m so happy!" –Vans


  1. Larry Edgar
  2. Sergio Layos
  3. Alex Hiam
  4. Dennis Enarson
  5. Chris James
  6. Corey Walsh
  7. Dylan Lewis
  8. Jason Watts
  9. Matty Cranmer
  10. Pat Casey


  1. Teresa Azcoaga
  2. Angie Marino
  3. Ellie Chew
  4. Perris Benegas
  5. Nina Buitrago
  6. Natalya Diehm
  7. Camila Harambour

Stop #2 – Huntington Beach, USA

The Vans BMX Pro Cup took flight in Huntington Beach, CA as 35 of the world's best men and women park terrain BMX riders competed for the final rounds of 2018 Pro Tour stop #2. Capping off the week-long celebration of action sports at the Vans US Open, the Vans BMX Pro Cup Series crowned winners Dennis Enarson and Nikita Duccaroz in front of massive crowds earlier this afternoon. Annihilating the custom-spec Vans Pro Park, defending Vans Pro Cup Huntington Beach event winner Dennis Enarson triumphed once again, going back-to-back with his signature transfers and a gravity-defying backflip tailwhip to stun the Surf City crowd.

"Winning the Vans BMX Pro Cup here in Huntington Beach so close to home feels amazing," said first place winner Dennis Enarson, who grew up in San Diego.

Rising up the ranks, Brisbane local Alex Hiam's consistent technical runs offered an impressive alley-oop 270 pocket air out of the spine, placing him in 2nd and earning him the Vans Best Line Award. Bouncing back from a heavy crash during practice, 2017's Vans BMX Pro Cup World Champion Larry Edgar persevered, busting out a supercharged 360-to-fakie in the deep bowl and colossal 16-foot airs to take the event’s High Air Award, Best Trick Award and a strong 3rd place podium finish. 

Pushing the boundaries of women's BMX, Nikita Ducarroz's solid bike control and stylish 540s on the big quarterpipe won her the women's Best Trick Award and her first Pro Cup victory, proving her ranks to continue on the series' 2018 Pro Tour. With persistent amplitude throughout the entire course, Chilean rider Macarena Perez conquered 2nd, while Spain's up-and-coming Teresa Azcoaga's smooth, powerful riding placed her in 3rd.

"The Vans BMX Pro Cup is the best event of the year for us," explained women's BMX pioneer and winner of the Vans Best Line Award, Nina Buitrago. "I’m so stoked on the lineup, these ladies are killing it!" –Vans


  1. Dennis Enarson
  2. Alex Hiam
  3. Larry Edgar
  4. Kevin Peraza
  5. Boyd Hilder
  6. Sergio Layos
  7. Kris Fox
  8. Chase Hawk
  9. Gary Young
  10. Matty Cranmer


  1. Nikita Ducarroz
  2. Macarena Perez
  3. Teresa Azcoaga
  4. Hannah Roberts
  5. Minato Oike
  6. Perris Benegas
  7. Ellie Chew
  8. Angie Marino
  9. Nina Buitrago
  10. Nikki Wetzel

Stop #3 – Guadalajara, Mexico

The 2018 Vans BMX Pro Cup witnessed an incredible finish in Guadalajara, Mexico as the industry's leading professional men and women BMX riders battled for their last-chance at the podium before the series' highly-anticipated World Championships finale. For the third and final Pro Tour event, defending Vans Pro Cup Guadalajara event winner Jason Watts triumphed yet again, surpassing his peers to mark his second consecutive victory in Mexico since 2017. 

Merging smooth style with his signature manuals and seamless tricks at the Montenegro Skatepark, Watts remarked, "to win here again in Mexico feels absolutely amazing. I really like riding this park and with a bit of luck on my side, I somehow pulled through."

Returning to the podium for a second time this season, Sergio Layos' high speed riding and unyielding style unlocked unique lines that stunned the crowd, including a massive 360 transfer that earned him Best Line award and second-place. Australia's Boyd Hilder placed third, showcasing incredible technical consistency, and shaking up the overall series points rankings with a Canadian nose pick on the stone face wall.

Bringing women's BMX to new heights, first place qualifier Angie Marino's enormous no-hander bowl transfer and effortless big air style granted her the event's Best Trick award and a hard-earned Vans BMX Pro Cup maiden victory. Women’s BMX legend and USA rider Nina Buitrago took second with a daring feeble grind bowl transfer, while the Chilean rider Macarena Perez's impressive tailwhip and high airs put her in third.

"Mexico couldn’t have been a better place to win my first Pro Cup," Marino stated with sheer excitement. "The fans are so passionate, they gave me an extra push to go faster and higher because everyone gets so excited."

The world title race continues, with pressure mounting on current Vans BMX Pro Cup World Champion Larry Edgar and Spanish rider Teresa Azcoaga, who clinch the series lead against the world's greatest professional BMX riders hungry for the coveted world title. The Vans BMX Pro Cup Series World Championships will take place in Málaga, Spain on September 23 to crown the official 2018 Vans BMX Pro Cup World Champion. –Vans


  1. Jason Watts
  2. Sergio Layos
  3. Boyd Hilder
  4. Larry Edgar
  5. Gary Young
  6. Alex Hiam
  7. Kevin Peraza
  8. Kris Fox
  9. Matty Cranmer
  10. Corey Bohan


  1. Angie Marino
  2. Nina Buitrago
  3. Macarena Perez
  4. Teresa Azcoaga
  5. Margarita Valenzuela Meraz
  6. Jesse Gregory
  7. Dayana Lopez
  8. Tania Torres Reyes
  9. Michelle Gomez

Stop #4 – Malaga, Spain

Tyler Fernengel showing us around the course, the Ruben Alcantara skatepark in Malaga. Check those little new additions – there will be a few new lines this year!

Teresa Azcoaga showing us a different line. The women's contest is sure to be a treat this year too – check the lineup below.

Full coverage this weekend – Keep your eyes on Ride UK and the Vans BMX Pro Cup site for videos, photos and results.


Pre-seeded to World Championship Finals

  • Larry Edgar USA
  • Alex Hiam AUS
  • Dennis Enarson USA
  • Boyd Hilder AUS
  • Jason Watts AUS
  • Kevin Peraza USA
  • Gary Young USA
  • Matty Cranmer USA
  • Kris Fox USA
  • Corey Walsh CAN

Vans BMX Pro Cup World Championship Qualifiers & Wildcards:

  • Matt Cordova USA
  • Pat Casey USA
  • Chase Hawk USA
  • Douglas Oliveira BRA
  • Parker Heath USA
  • Kevin Kalkoff FRA
  • Ryan Saville AUS
  • Shane Ellis AUS
  • Cody Pollard AUS
  • Chris James AUS
  • Alex Leibrock USA
  • Rim Nakamura JPN
  • Paul Thoelen DEU
  • Maxime Charveron FRA
  • Corey Bohan AUS
  • Tom Van Den Bogaard NLD
  • Jamie Cooper-Ellis USA
  • Jose Torres MEX
  • Jairo Espinoza MEX
  • Cauan Madona BRA
  • Andres Gatica CHL
  • Netzer Parada MEX
  • Pabel Marquez MEX
  • Tyler Fernengel USA
  • Tom Dugan USA
  • Brandon Loupos AUS


Pre-seeded to World Championship Finals

  • Teresa Azcoaga ESP
  • Angie Marino USA
  • Nina Buitrago USA
  • Macarena Perez CHL
  • Perris Benegas USA
  • Jesse Gregory USA

Vans BMX Pro Cup Women’s World Championship Qualifiers & Wildcards:

  • Hannah Roberts USA
  • Nikita Ducarroz CHE
  • Minato Oike JPN
  • Margarita Valenzuela Meraz MEX
  • Dayana Lopez MEX
  • Anahi Valentina Arevalo ECU

Full coverage this weekend – Keep your eyes on Ride UK and the Vans BMX Pro Cup site for videos, photos and results.