Here's something a little different! We've never seen a BMX video cut to a Bjork song before... Pretty sure of that. This new one from Nick Hayday, shot on the island of Andros, Greece, is a real treat. Zach Shaw, Scott Malyon and some good old boys enjoying the terrain on offer at BluEnigma Hotel. We asked Zach Shaw and Nick Hayday a few questions about the trip.

– This place is on the bucket list for lots of BMX riders. What prompted all you guys to head out there?

ZS: We all chuck ideas in for a winter trip and this one was at the top of the list, good riding and great weather and a hotel owned and run by a BMX rider that we know. The perfect trip.

NH: We've been talking about it for years as a few of us rode with Nikos from his time in London, we usually do Spain in March to get away from the weather in the UK but after speaking to a Greek colleague at work he suggested if we're going to go, to do it a bit later in the year, as you can guarantee the weather will be great.

– What's the journey there like from the UK?

ZS: The journey to Andros is a long one but worth every minute. Get a plane to Athens then hire a van to get ourselves to the port and ferry to Andros, the roads are perfect for Adam to try his rallying skills which he did with 9 people and 9 bikes....scary and epic.

– Can you tell us what happened with the van moving...?

NH: At the port there are restaurants all along the front with guys out front trying to direct you in so you'll eat at theirs. We park the van up, have a chat with the one of the guys, says he's got an open air veranda on the third floor, asks if we want to eat up there. Sounds good to us, we all trek up the stairs, sit down across three tables and order our first Greek beers and some food looking out to sea.

After a bit, still daydreaming looking out to sea I noticed the van moving backwards, so I stood up and asked the question "Why's the van moving...?" Not even panicking, just assumed someone had gone downstairs for something, cue 3 or 4 of the others leaping down flights of stairs in one bound, while I watched all the restaurant guys who were touting for business a few seconds ago running after our van and stopping it from either hitting a rather expensive looking boat, or going straight in the sea along with our bikes, clothes, cameras, drones and passports. Yes, they got a tip.

– We've never seen a BMX video to this song before! It seems quite fitting though. How did this idea come about?

NH: Most of our edit music usually comes from a tune that got rinsed in the van, or googling of words related to the trip. I generally don't start putting anything on the timeline until I know the song I'm using. I knew I wanted something with some large tempo changes because I had to fit riding in along with chilling on the beach. After prodigious googling, trawling through YouTube/Apple music I was coming up blank, chatting about it with my wife one day and she suggests this Bjork track!

– The video strikes a nice balance between riding and holiday mode, beach life, snorkelling, etc. Is that what you guys did every day, chill at the beach and then ride later on?

ZS: Yep this video pretty much captures the trip perfectly, that was what we did everyday on Andros. Riding at the bowl or trails late in the afternoon/evening was spot on.

– Tell us a bit about the Bluenigma accommodation and Nik, the host.

ZS: Nik has created an amazing place that I can’t recommend enough to any riders of any level, the accommodation is comfortable and it’s cheap to stay there. Nik is very laid back so Breakfast is on at a reasonable hour (pretty much when you want it) and the evenings are spent riding eating chilling and playing pool.

NH: The Blu Enigma was amazing, set into a rolling green valley with views to the sea. It has a massive lounge area, with a stocked bar, pool table, piano, projector a balcony overlooking the Engima bowl. Nikos was a great host, you can talk to that guy for ages about some really deep stuff that he always has a unique perspective on, and he cooks a breakfast to die for. Rooms are comfortable, showers always hot, a really lovely place to stay.

– Is the Enigma bowl as hard to ride as it looks?

ZS: Yep, it takes time to get some lines in there but it’s worth the effort, a super technical bowl from the mind of Nik.

– Are the trails as amazing as they seem in videos?

ZS: In a word, yes. Flowing, fast and always changing as Nik finds more lines and ideas to improve what’s there.

– Would you go back?

ZS: Immediately and as soon as possible!

– What's coming up next for you?

ZS: More riding. London to Brighton off Road for the British Heart foundation on 22nd Sept with Scott Malyon, Gee Roo & Buddha’s and a few thousand other riders! and then relaxing... stress free life goals... then finding a location we can agree on for the 2019 trip.