Reed Stark is a man that stands out, whether it is from his ability to do burly setups like in BSD’s DVD Transmission, to being everywhere in the world, to his wild looks or even his promotion of Kendamas.

While doing it, it always looks like he has the best time of his life which is quite contagious and with every Safari video he drops, you see it reflected in his surroundings.

We caught up with him on the streets of Amsterdam during a street jam to take a look at his newly built fresh steed.

Words and photos by Aaron Zwaal

– How’s the bike feel? How long have you been on this one?

The new build feels amazing. She’s a silent warrior. 

– How do you personally like it set up?

Long in the front and short in the back so you can do tech shit and still have sufficient leg room. I also like tall bars with a big standover height on the frame so you can have good posture and can keep the lower back happy. 

"All I hear is the squeak of the tyres when I land."

– What’s the best thing about it?

All I hear is the squeak of the tyres when I land. 

– Any recent changes to the steed?

The Safari handlebars are a new one. My Giraffic bars have a 1 degree upsweep and the new Safari Bars have 3 degrees. It took me a while, but I realized this angle would be way better on the wrists because it matches how your hands naturally grab the bars. You have a way stronger connection to the bike and more control overall. Big drops have less impact. V hyped on how they turned out.

– Any special mods?

I popped on the Safari Shit frame bag to carry my tools, kendama, and other goodies to avoid getting punched in the back every time I bunnyhop.

– What have you been doing on this bike since building it? Where has it taken you?

Gave away my old bike at a street jam in Lisbon, Portugal. Built this one a couple days later for a street jam in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Now it’s chilling with me in Los Angeles, California. Seems like it’s going to keep taking me to more countries for more BMX/kendama jams.


– What’s coming up next for you?

Flying to Quito, Ecuador tomorrow for another street jam on September 15th. As for business, about to drop a bunch of new clothes, bags and safari essentials on

– Any final words?

Big thanks to BSD Forever, Sweets Kendamas, Rawr Superfoods, Plants Basically, Cannarite CBD, and Etnies for supporting me on this safari. Big thanks to the safari gang members who are out there really living it. You fuel my send. Big thanks to Aaron at Ride UK for shooting this. Watch my Instagram story for information on promo codes. Go buy a one-way ticket to...