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Saya Sakakibara Edition


Helmet - Priceless

A Red Bull helmet is one on the most coveted items in not only BMX but all of action sports. You cant buy them, they do not produce replicas. The ONLY way to get your hands on (or head in) one is to be one of the top athletes in your chosen sport and for Red Bull to present you with one.


Oakley Goggles - £185

Prizm™ MX lenses help you see subtle transitions in dirt conditions so you can master all those split-second decisions.

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DK Professional V2 - £399

Saya rode her DK V2 to a silver medal at the 2017 BMX World Championships in the USA, missing out on Gold and the rainbow jersey by hundredth of a second to the UK's Beth Shriever

BMXRace100 Review


Shimano S-Phyre XC9 - £299

If you haven't got a pair you more than likely want some, 90% of an Elite gate anywhere around the globe is made up of the S-Phyre shoes. Theres a good reason for that......... They really are that good.

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Box Focus 406 Rims - £65

Focus rims have a no-nonsense low-profile design that eliminates excess material.

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