PRODUCT : Maxxis Relix Tyres

Pure Bicycles Josh Butson has been quietly testing out the all new 'Relix' tyres from Maxxis this season, we caught up with him to ask how the test has been going and what he thinks of the new rubber...

Maxxis Relix tyre review:

In February I was asked by team manager Rich at Pure to test these new tyres from Maxxis, and it was instantly noticeable the low rolling resistance these tyres had, with a low profile tread pattern they roll really fast. This aids not only a quick acceleration but perhaps more importantly the ability to maintain speed, I remember riding them for the first time at Braintree and being amazed with the speed I had exiting the turn.

My first race on these tyres was at Manchester Indoor and the tread pattern certainly looks suited to the style of track surface composition, super hard with no real ‘loose surface’ that you would get outdoors. However, since the indoor I have ridden these tyres in every imaginable weather condition and subsequent track surface, notably a pair of regionals (Braintree and Peterborough) where the track could only be described as ‘full of puddles’ and ‘sloppy’. Where others were struggling with wheelspin out of the gate I did not have such problems, so for me these tyres pass the wet weather and non-ideal conditions test.

Maxxis Relix tyre review:


Being totally transparent I have wheelspinned twice with these tyres during practice at Glasgow national, this occurred not out the gate but on the crest of the hill. The hill was made of wood which is the only one I’ve ridden outdoors, and the situation wasn’t helped by constant heavy rain and I felt the hill was quite dirty too which again hindered traction. This problem was had across the whole age group regardless of tyre brand, model or pressure so I don’t think this was due to my choice of tyre at all.

As I side note, Maxxis uses Silk Shield puncture protection technology within the Relix tyre and I haven’t had any punctures with these tyres which is unusual for the amount of riding time I have done.


To conclude, the two worries you have about tyres are wheelspin out the gate and sliding out in the turn and I have not had either of these issues. These are the fastest tyres I have ridden and I have complete confidence in them. As riders we are always training to get faster and altering our bike set up; bars, stem, gearing etc to try and get better results, however not often do we change our tyres. Try the Maxxis Relix and you will not be disappointed.