Leicester National - OFF

Hopefully you by now have heard the unfortunate news coming out of the Leicester Huncote Hornets BMX Club camp. Their national due to be held 21st - 22nd April has been 'Postponed'

Here is what Shaun Issitt 'Mr Leicester' had to say about the 'Leicester National - OFF' situation.....

To say I’m gutted is an understatement, so much hard work has gone into this and will continue to go into this event. This national will go ahead just on a different date (don’t ask me when as I don’t know yet)

This decision was a difficult one and wasn’t a rash one. We looked at all possible solutions. No camping, just parking, laying tracks down, moving to other fields. All of which were a no go. We now know every land owner within 2miles of the track, all unable to help with the high water table we’re not willing to take a huge risk. Yes I know the forecast says it’s going to be hot but this is one week but remember the 5months or terrible unheard of weather we’ve had prior.

As for those moaning; shit happens, I do feel for you but it’s not the clubs, BC or the local councils fault, it’s just the crazy weather we’ve had, and speaking to the other hosts of the series some of them would have been in the same situation.

There have been races like this, I went to Bournemouth for it to be cancelled on race day, didn’t moan just organised a mud football game, Coppull we dived into tent to see how far we could make them slide before the famous race out the field! But I want the National to be remember for how great the racing was not the fact you had to park 5miles away and walk with all your equipment, food, Gazebos etc down country rounds because that’s was the closest parking.

If you still go ride the track next weekend, which is riding mint btw, please don’t go stand on the grass and say this would have been ok because firstly that’s not where parking and camping was ever going to be and secondly you are not as heavy as a car, caravan, camper or Aaron James Geary.

I’d like to thank everyone who had personally rang me or messaged me in support of the decision.

Anyway if you got this far Well done sir and I’ll be seeing you

Ps who wants to do a Schweepstake on the new date? Fiver in