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Words and photos by Robin Pearson

More fresh 'crete in southern England! This flowy little Wheelscape park is in Amesbury, Wiltshire, at the edge of a large new housing development. It was actually quite difficult to find and is basically in the corner of a field, opposite the new houses (see map below). Once you've tracked it down, though, it's a fun skatepark to rip around. For those right-foot-forward riders among you, one particular hip (the one Ben Wallace is juicing above) is your jam – especially if you air quarter-to-quarter over the spine first.

The day we went to Amesbury was particularly grey and cold. Also, the park was mere days old... Basically it was full of mad kids, the surface was quite dusty and we were shivering so we didn't stay there long, but I can imagine having a really fun session there on a nice day when it's a little quieter. It's worth a look if you're nearby – or if you're heading down the A303, it's an easy stop.

amesbury skatepark wiltshire wheelscape
amesbury skatepark wiltshire wheelscape
Ben Wallace BMX Amesbury skatepark wiltshire


Southmill Hill,


Salisbury, Wiltshire SP4

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