From Ride Basics - Autumn 2013

The front end of your bike offers a lot of adjustment in the position or height you run your bars and also in the products you can buy. It’s all about what feels comfortable.

Subtle changes to your complete BMX can change the whole look and feel, from new wheelsets, bars, cranks even grips make the whole feel of the bike change. The options are endless with the main priority being that your bike feels comfortable.

A lot of riders change up the parts on their bikes on a regular basis. Sometimes out of necessity (if a product is worn or damaged), these are usually smaller items such as tyres, grips, pedals etc. but sometimes out of choice as there are new products entering the market all the time. Other larger more expensive parts (forks, bars, cranks etc.) are usually changed or upgraded a lot less, simply due to the durability of the product. Check out your local BMX shop for all the latest parts and accessories (and notice how they probably change on a monthly basis). The golden rule to remember when upgrading or simply changing over parts is ‘always choose and purchase parts based on comfort and feel’.

Try out a friends bike to see how other parts feel, ask in the shop if you can sit on or try new products, as like anything, if it doesn’t feel nice, it probably wont ride nice.

Most choices today are based on colour, price, weight and brand and all of these factors are fine to base your decisions on. As you develop as a rider, you will become more accustom to different brands and will also start to create your own style... making choosing new parts and accessories an easier process.