From Ride Basics - Autumn 2013

Since BMX began, kids have been flying out of jumps, trying tricks and landing to flat, it's a timeless part of BMX that every rider has been part of at some point. Almost any ramp with a large enough deck can become a flyout, bowl corners, ramps with hips in or even just to the top of a jumpbox, any of these will suffice. The main benefit about flyouts is that you can take the trick at your own pace. You don't have to worry about clearing a certain distance or landing in a transition.

The only drawback to flyouts are the landings; there are only so many jumps that your wrists can take. Still, they really are good for getting the basics down. Here's a brief rundown on a flyout favourite, the tailwhip.

[part title="How to Flyout/Tailwhip Part 2"]